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Do you want to work for, a fast-growing platform that is revolutionising the Beauty and Wellness industry? We are an incredibly ambitious, innovative and fast growing global software startup with offices in Warsaw, London and Dubai. Our high-traffic booking platform has quickly become a game changing industry leader, with user base in over 200 countries. Our users transact millions of appointment bookings monthly, with thousands of active users at any time.

Today we’re looking for a System Analyst - a person able to …


What will this person do (& what not)?

In short words:

Co-operate directly (on the daily basis) with both Product Development people (e.g. Product Owners, UX Designers) & Engineering people (Architects, Programmers, Testers) on turning business-driven ideas into value for the end-users & shareholders.

In more detail:

  1. take part in all stages of work on Product development: starting with envisioning & brainstorming vaguely hinted ideas and ending with assessing real-life outcomes of already introduced changes
  2. “mine” knowledge & identify business value/risks/opportunities in whatever you’re working on
  3. structure the concepts, ideas & expectations into input necessary to develop new functionality & preserve knowledge about how it will work (down to sufficient level of detail)
  4. in particular - work closely with the feature implementation team, guiding them through the solution design intricacies and actively solving obstacles encountered during development
  5. document (& help documenting in a shared knowledge base) various models we use in our work (logical, information, process, static, dynamic, …) using notations & tools agreed with your peers (the only requirement is the effectiveness & high value/cost ratio)
  6. play a driving, pro-active role in all (non-technical) design activities (e.g.: groomings, event storming sessions, functional modeling)
  7. evangelize the knowledge about both design techniques & important design decisions made together with Teams (that may impact future work of others)
  8. use all available techniques, patterns, tools & methods to control the complexity (e.g. eliminate the “accidental” one), avoid knowledge silos (or “tribal” knowledge) and compose the solution in a scalable, well-structured way (avoiding “model debt”)

What qualities & skills do we require of this person?

  1. Very good direct communication - not only as a transmitter but also an active, empathic listener with flexible (devoid of hubris or overgrown ego) intellectual approach (open for other people ideas)
  2. Great work/knowledge organisation - cleanly classifying & structuring information, effectively documenting it in a maintainable way, “slicing the elephant” to adjust detail level of abstractions to the current needs
  3. Abstract thinking - being able to identify & utilise real patterns & “common denominators”; drawing correct (fact-based) conclusions & “connecting the dots”
  4. General curiosity & nosy inquisitiveness :)
  5. Ability to effectively visualise both problems & solutions (in form that is understandable by all the intended recipient(s)) - using both digital tools and whiteboard/paper
  6. Genuine interest in extending your capabilities palette in all the relevant areas like: Design Thinking, Domain Driven Design, Systems Thinking, Promise Theory, Cynefin, etc.

Being familiar with popular standards/methods & industry notations - like UML, BMPN, C4, etc. - is a big PRO.
All prior theoretical knowledge or practical experience regarding system architectures (e.g. integration patterns) & technical design (e.g. relational data modeling) are also welcome.

Here’s an article with our concept of this role:
And here’s one with our concept for applying DDD in our organisation:


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